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Go deeper with your audience
Tether is the learning and community engagement platform where you can deliver personalized next steps, publish and deliver content, measure impact and more.
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Keeping your readers engaged, connected, and growing is not easy
Innovative authors and influencers are inviting readers and followers into transformational communities and driving them toward life-changing action. Our adaptable platform delivers powerful engagement insights, helps you nurture your audience, and creates new levels of engagement between super-fans.
Build step-by-step instructional practices
Bring your content to life with step-based video, audio, text. Then push further and engage your community with multiple choice and short answer steps that they can share with others.
Provide clear next steps for each person
It's easy to provide custom, personalized next steps for each person with Tether. Supercharge the engagement and participation of your community and help them take the next step.
Design self-paced and scheduled courses
Bring your courses and training to life — take them with a class, cohort, or coach. Our engaging platform helps your community learn together and provides easy access your material both digitally and printed.
Host any group, cohort, or community
Create learning communities with powerful, secure messaging tied directly to your content. Provide instant meaningful accountability and support.
Create habits and time-based challenges
Tether provides a comprehensive set of features for helping your community build good habits and break bad ones. Simplify translate your content into practical, repeatable actions.
Organize everything in one place
Tether is the central hub for content, community, and resources that makes engagement simpler than ever—for you and your community.
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Integrate with your favorite tools

Connect to over 6,000+ apps with Zapier

Custom Domain

Every organization gets a custom domain. Setup Tether on your own domain for more personalization.

Surveys and Polls

Get fast feedback from your community. Create custom assessments to measure what matters to you.

Messaging Feeds

Communicate and connect with your community. Share updates, track progress and more.

User Roles

Restrict access or create content for specific user roles. Organize by department, location, team, and more.

Access Anywhere

You don't need an account to access content, one-click and you're in.

Digital and Print

Available on Web, iOS, and Android. Tether also generates printable material of all your content, automatically.

Detailed Analytics

Track engagement and follow activity from your community in real-time.

Rich Notifications

Tether handles sending out email, SMS and push notifications to keep everyone up to date and connected.