Small groups,

Meet Tether. The all-in-one platform helping develop spiritually mature and deeply connected Christian groups

“Tether puts local relationships and embodied practices at the center of our lives, supporting them with smart tech and elegant design“

Andy Crouch

Author, The Tech-Wise Family
Partner, Praxis

“We’re all being nudged toward something. Tether nudges us toward what matters, real relationships and rich spiritual practices“

Lyn Cook

Senior Director of Spiritual Formation
Redeemer Church

Churches of all sizes use Tether's software to help their small groups form spiritual habits and develop deep relationships


Develop a resilient community and observe participants become leaders


Watch as relationships in your community strengthen and flourish over time


See real spiritual change in the lives of your community as your people grow together

next steps

We deliver your content in a way that gives your people clear, actionable practices

spiritual habits

We help your people discover, adopt, and commit to formative spiritual practices

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Deeper local relationships

We prompt your people to connect more frequently; encouraging more vulnerable in-person moments

for leaders

We streamline and automate time-consuming tasks for small group leaders; nudging them to focus on their people

The platform for your small groups

Make your discipleship strategy more actionable, more timely, and more community-oriented with Tether

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