Community-based spiritual growth, for all your people.

For every Christian— new and mature—Tether is a powerful group-based program helping your people build life-changing rhythms.

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Your people are lonely and struggling to take a spiritual next step.

We are increasingly being formed and finding community outside the Church, and the problem isn’t going away. Attending to your people’s day-to-day spiritual life is no longer optional.


The number of practicing Christians in the US that feel lonely every day.


The number of Christian adults who are not engaging with any regular spiritual formation.

1 million

Every year over one million young people will walk away from the Christian faith.


The number of previously-practicing millennial Christians who say the Church does not address their day-to-day life in a useful way.

26 million

Christians stopped reading the Bible regularly during COVID

“The Church needs to find tools that help people examine the reality of their spiritual growth, not merely how they perceive it”

The Barna Group

"For those of us who want to see technology serve and support the church and personal Christian discipleship rather than replace or compete with them, Tether is a hugely exciting development."

andy crouch, Author
the tech-wise family
our vision

Developing spiritually mature and deeply connected Christians

A science-backed app supporting daily spiritual rhythms.

Research has come a long way in helping us understand what actions and resources support developing good habits. Built on this research, Tether provides your people with one-of-a-kind tools to live out core spiritual disciplines each day.
Explore and Discover
Share and Connect
Track and Analyze
Find Challenges

Find and build your rhythms

Practice a Sabbath
Spend time stopping from work, worshipping God, and enjoying His creation.
3 hours
Pray for your Kids
Pause and pray for your children, that they would come to know and love God each day.
8 minutes
Fast for Lunch
Reorient your attention to God, and practice saying “no” to the things of this world.
20 minutes

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Our platform is built to help your people build daily spiritual disciplines. We send every person a personal invitation to create an account which presents them with habit and practice options matched to their preferences.

Learn more about further customization options here.

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Open your personal invitation and answer a few simple questions to get started.

Set Goals

After sharing preferences, choose from a selection of core spiritual habits (and switch at any time if you change your mind).

Get Connected

Invite your friends, spouse, small group or join an existing group focused on similar goals.

Did you know only 20 percent of Christian adults are involved in regular spiritual formation?

The Barna Group

“We’re all being nudged toward something. Tether nudges us toward what matters, real relationships and rich spiritual practices“

Lyn Cook, director of spiritual formation
Redeemer church

Learn how Tether can help your people engage in daily spiritual rhythms.

Provide your people with a spiritual support system. Tether moves your people from isolated individuals into practicing communities where they develop deeper relationships and build healthy spiritual habits.

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