Meet Tether.
Empowering connection,
inspiring growth.
Enable your community to easily interact with your material, share with others, and take action. Deliver personalized next steps, publish and distribute content, measure impact and more.
Trusted by faith-driven organizations
Keeping your audience engaged, connected, and growing is not easy
Before Tether, you spent countless hours and multiple tools to create and deliver content and connect with your community. Keeping your people engaged and connected over time was challenging, and you had no clear way to measure or track your impact.

Tether centralizes your content and community while measuring your impact, saving you time and money. Our platform provides your people with personalized steps, a beautiful user experience, and powerful features that make it easy to learn, grow, and stay connected with your vision.
Transform lives with redemptive technology you control.
The content and community you’re creating is designed to change lives — but the tools to support it have been highly addictive, harmful, and limited in functionality.

Tether gives you back control and seamlessly keep your people engaged, connected, and growing on a platform built to redeem the best parts of technology.
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Engage and delight your users
Deploy a beautiful experience that integrates everywhere, is easy to access, and customized to fit your brand.
Support growth in real-time
Help your community stay engaged through personalized next steps, reminders, and easy ways to stay connected with others.
Measure and adapt, faster
Respond quickly to feedback in your community, and harness analytics and reporting to continuously improve the experience.
Andy Crouch
Partner, Praxis

"For those of us who want to see technology serve and support faith-driven organizations...Tether is a hugely exciting platform."

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Powerful features built to inspire meaningful interaction
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Always right on time
Creating on Tether keeps your community on-track while giving them simple ways to personalize the material to fit their needs.
Clear steps to take
Tether's proprietary platform encourages your community not just to consume content, but to apply it in their day-to-day life.
Built-in community
Transformation is a process and if you want to go far, go together. Tether encourages your community to invite others into the journey.
See how Tether can serve your vision.
Learn how Tether can help your organization innovate and transform your content and community experience while saving you time and money.
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Build step-by-step instructional practices
Help your people go from knowing to doing with step-based videos, audio, and text. Then push further and engage your community with multiple choice and short answer steps that they can share with others.
Provide clear next steps for each person
It's easy to provide custom, personalized next steps for each person with Tether. Supercharge the engagement and participation of your community and help them take the next step.
Design self-paced and scheduled courses
Bring your courses and training to life — take them with a class, cohort, or coach. Our engaging platform helps your community learn together and provides easy access your material both digitally and printed.
Host any group, cohort, or community
Create learning communities with powerful, secure messaging tied directly to your content. Provide instant meaningful accountability and support.
Create habits and time-based challenges
Tether provides a comprehensive set of features for helping your community build good habits and break bad ones. Simplify translate your content into practical, repeatable actions.
Organize everything in one place
Tether is the central hub for content, community, and resources that makes engagement simpler than ever—for you and your community.