Learn more about the powerful features you can access with Tether. Equip your audience with powerful tools to easily interact with your content, share with others, and take action.
Plans are one of the most popular features on Tether and can be used to create a wide variety of content like reading plans, courses, training material, study series, and much more.
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Scheduled or self-paced
Deliver your content automatically based on a date, or allow your users to subscribe at their own pace.
Automated reminders
Notifications are automatically built-in to plans, your users get to pick what type they want to subscribe to (SMS, email, push notification).
Printable content
Every plan is automatically formatted into both digital and print. Easily download a beautiful PDF of the material in one-click.
Habits are a content format used to help translate your content into integrated, repeatable rhythms. Users can track their individual or group progress on a specific outcome, see their improvement over time, and share reflections.
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Host time-based challenges
Habits can be turned into specific time-based challenges that help a broader community stay connected and accountable
Scheduled or self-guided
Subscribe select users to a specific habit automatically, or let them setup a custom time that fits their schedule.
Individual or group habits
Habits can be setup individually or as a group to encourage further accountability and support.
Practices are a content format used to help your users apply and integrate your content into their lives. Create a wide variety of content like journal prompts, instructions, spiritual practices, meditations, guided how-to guides, and much more.
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Step-by-step guided format
Utilize audio, video, rich-text and much more to break your content down into bite-sized guided steps.
Add to a schedule
Users can add practices to their personal schedule or to a group schedule to be reminded to complete together in community.
Printable content
Every practice is automatically formatted into both digital and print. Easily download a beautiful PDF of the material in one-click.
Manage all your users, content, and data in one place. Tether's dashboard gives you access to detailed analytics and metrics to track engagement and understand your impact.
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Track views and engagement
See what content is performing and how your users are engaging across your platform.
Detailed analytics and insights
Access in-depth data on your content and engagement trends.
Easily manage all your content
Easily publish, delete, restrict and share content with all users or specific audience types. You are in control.
Resources bring both your internal and external content and material into one place. Link to any kind of hosted material alongside your Tether-specific content types to create a single, centralized hub for your users.
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Host all your content
Upload and link any type of content whether video, file, hosted link, and much more.
Integrate on your website
Setup a custom subdomain to bring the power of Tether into your own website.
Share with one link
Allow users to access all your resources and content with one single link, no account needed to view.
Surveys allow you to get instant feedback and insight from your users. Surveys can be setup one-time or scheduled to measure change over a period of time.
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Get feedback fast
Tether's format allows you to quickly get a pulse from your users on what matters most to you.
Auto-scheduled or one-time
Setup your survey on a regular interval, or send one-time.
Ask whatever you want
You have full control on what questions are asked to what users.
Matt Denton
Discipleship, City Hope

"Tether has been a game-changer for our church community. If it's not clear already, our people LOVE using the platform."

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