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It’s no secret that people are busy, lonely, and bored. Strong spiritual friendships are becoming more rare. And so, our people continue to be primarily formed by their coping mechanisms, the media they consume, and the loudest voices in the room.

Tether is built on a simple premise: we must find a way to embody vulnerability, accountability, and orthodox spiritual practice in the 21st century. It is no understatement to say that the modern Church needs, more than ever, to rediscover the practices of old that have led to spiritual maturity.

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Our Team

We're on a mission to leverage technology to develop spiritually mature and deeply connected Christians. Tether is backed by leading faith-driven organizations and entrepreneurs including Pinetops Foundation (The Great Opportunity), Impact Foundation, and Henry Kaestner (Faith Driven Entrepreneur) among others.

Tether was incubated in the Praxis Venture Studio. We have an incredible board of directors and advisors bringing their experience from places like Stanford University, IDEO, and McKinsey & Company among others.

Steve Conner


Tommy Carreras


Ty Delong


Alex Nichols

Co-Founder & COO

Peter Court

Co-Founder & CEO