Consuming content is not the same as living it out.

How can you improve if you never practice? Exercise, weight-loss, and budgeting platforms have figured this out. These tools not only teach us how to get healthy or save money, they coach us along the way.

Supporting your people’s day-to-day spiritual life is no longer optional.

Your people are increasingly being distracted by exploitative technology and formed by a rapidly-changing culture outside the Church.


The number of previously-practicing millennial Christians who say the Church does not address their day-to-day life in a useful way.


The number of Christian adults who are not engaging with any regular spiritual formation.


The number of practicing Christians in the US that feel lonely every day.

1 million

Every year over one million young people will walk away from the Christian faith.

26 million

Christians stopped reading the Bible regularly during COVID

What makes Tether unique

Intelligent Tools
Tether's features are solely focused on spiritual formation, utilizing proven designs and strategies to help build healthy and lasting spiritual rhythms.
Community Oriented
Tether prioritizes community over the individual experience. It's a platform to be used with all your relationships to unlock true accountability.
Exercise First
Tether focuses on application over consumption, helping guide us through the practical implementation of content in our life.

Trusted by leading voices

"Tether puts local relationships and embodied practices where they belong—at the center of our lives"
Andy Crouch
Author & Speaker
"Tether helps Christian leaders develop meaningful spiritual habits for a more resilient faith."
Todd Hunter
“Tether is a tool that redirects our attention back to what truly matters in our lives"
Curt Thompson
Psychiatrist and Author

A science-backed app supporting daily spiritual rhythms

Research has come a long way in helping us understand what actions and resources support developing good habits. Built on this research, Tether provides your people with one-of-a-kind tools to live out core spiritual disciplines each day.
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Share and Connect
Track and Analyze
Find Challenges

Approachable and impactful, for such a time as this.

Provide your people with a spiritual support system. Tether moves your people from isolated individuals into practicing communities where they develop deeper relationships and build healthy spiritual habits.

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