How Redeemer Presbyterian Church Supports Spiritual Formation

“We’re all being nudged toward something. Tether nudges us toward what matters, real relationships and rich spiritual practices“.

February 19, 2024

How do you support robust spiritual formation in a context like New York City?

Lyn Cook and the team at Redeemer have been asking this question for years. In a place like New York (and increasingly most other major US cities) there are a million activities and ideas vying for one’s attention. Redeemer recognized the challenge of discipleship and spiritual formation early in their church’s lifecycle, and prioritized spiritual growth by building a team to support this area directly.

Redeemer realized they needed to give their people a very practical framework for living out their faith all over the city. Through this process, Redeemer’s Practices of PEACE were developed. The practices of PEACE include: Pause, Eat, Ask, Commune, and Examine.

These practices all have very practical exercises that Redeemer members are encouraged to practice on a routine basis. “Being able to activate our Practices of PEACE within Tether, to guide people step-by-step through the exercises and be able to share your growth with others, we knew Tether would be a great fit from the get-go” says Lyn Cook.

Starting small and growing over time

“Tether took a very hands-on and incremental approach to helping us adopt Tether, always looking for opportunities to support our people with creative experiences on the platform,” says Kyle Chen, Community Assistant Director. “Their team is great at thinking through experiences that will resonate with congregants, and their team has continued to support us semester-to-semester to think through engagement plans and ways to continually increase adoption.” At Tether, we recognize the need to “always be launching” and have made ongoing support a core piece of our product offering.

Whatever your vision, Tether can power it.

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Andy Crouch
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Curt Thompson
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