January 7, 2022

Tether Raises $1.2M For Its Platform for Small Groups

With the close of its $1.2M seed round, Tether today announces the launch of its new platform aimed at making spiritual formation more timely, actionable, and community oriented. Tether partners with churches and other Christian organizations to transform their static content and weekly discipleship efforts into engaging pathways and practices to be shared within groups. Tether is conveniently delivered through a mobile-first application.

With Tether, Christian organizations can provide their people with a set of features that make practicing spiritual life engaging, delightful, and relational. Churches and ministries can use Tether to create unique content, practices, and routines around their current sermon series or bible studies, while users can share their practices with those closest in their lives. Tether will also provide a full library of resources for users to discover and adopt new life-giving practices.

"We were concerned with the fact that, despite a trove of great content available in the space, Christians were struggling to put their faith into practice. As humans, we are constantly being formed by the habits we allow to take root in our lives. Tether represents a move toward making spiritual practices as available and top-of-mind as other demands vying for our time and attention," said Peter Court, Co-founder and CEO.

By providing churches and other ministries with innovative tooling for spiritual formation, Tether moves organization's toward meeting their goal of discipling their people into a deeper relationship with God and neighbor. At the same time, Tether saves pastors, content organizers, and small group leaders time and energy by automating a number of routine administrative tasks around curriculum. By providing organizations with a robust admin portal, Tether is also able to deliver insights into the spiritual, emotional, and relational wellbeing of its members.

"I'm beyond thrilled to support the bold vision of robust spiritual wellbeing championed by the Tether team; this tool will be transformative for the Church", wrote Josh Crossman, lead investor and Director of Pinetops Foundation. “We’re all being nudged toward something. Tether nudges us toward what matters, real relationships and rich spiritual practices“, said Lyn Cook, Senior Director of Spiritual Formation Redeemer Church.

Recent estimates by the Barna Group reveal that only 20% of Christians engage in any sort of discipleship activity whatsoever. Barna has also suggested that "church leaders must be diligent in finding tools that help people examine the reality of their spiritual growth, not merely how they perceive it.” Tether is well equipped to provide both discipleship tools and the means of thoughtfully examine the reality of their inner life.

"Tether puts local relationships and embodied practices where they belong—at the center of our lives—supporting them with smart tech and elegant design. For those of us who want to see technology serve and support the church and personal Christian discipleship rather than replace or compete with them, this is a hugely exciting development." said Andy Crouch, Author of the Tech-Wise Family and Partner at Praxis.

Tether leverages intelligent technology and behavioral psychology to develop spiritually mature and deeply connected Christians. By putting local relationships and embodied practices back at the center of our lives, Tether makes healthy spiritual habits more actionable, more timely, and more community-oriented.

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