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Tether transforms your small groups into communities of practice. Help your people pray more, develop deeper relationships, and build healthy spiritual habits together in groups.

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“We’re all being nudged toward something. Tether nudges us toward what matters, real relationships and rich spiritual practices“

Lyn Cook
Director of Spiritual Formation
Redeemer Church

“Tether redirects our attention back to what truly matters”

Curt Thompson, M.D.
Psychiatrist & Author

“Tether puts local relationships and embodied practices at the center of our lives, supporting them with smart tech and elegant design“

Andy Crouch
Author, The Tech-Wise Family

Give your people the tools
to grow spiritually

Read why small group members love having access to Tether.

“Nudges us toward what matters, real relationships and rich spiritual practices”

“Puts local relationships and embodied practices at the center of our lives”

“Helps me not just consume but live out what I'm learning and reading”

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Frequently asked questions about the platform and our vision


Why should my Church use Tether?
It’s no secret that your people are more busy and lonely than ever. Strong spiritual friendships are becoming more rare. And so, your people continue to be primarily formed by their coping mechanisms, the media they consume, and the loudest voices in the room. The Barna Group writes, "The Church needs to find tools that help people examine the reality of their spiritual growth, not merely how they perceive it”. We built Tether to be one of those tools.
Why should my groups use Tether?
It's really hard to stay connected when you are not together in-person. Making sure everyone has read the material, remembering to follow up on prayer requests, and taking the conversation beyond the surface can be really challenging. Trying to do all of that when you are only in-person for 1 hour each week or over a text message thread is really hard. We created Tether because we believe there is a better way to grow together both relationally and spiritually.
Where does Tether fit in?
Your groups are already using a variety of apps to stay connected without you having any insight or ability to equip and resource. Tether is an alternative you can provide your groups that solves the basic pain points every small group faces and gives your powerful features to better support, equip, and serve your groups.
How is Tether different from other groups software?
Tether is the only platform built specifically for small group ministry. Similar to weight-loss, meditation, or health apps, we need tools that nudge, prompt and remind us for our spiritual life. Our powerful features not only add value to you as the Church but also your people, incentivizing adoption. We've chosen to tackle a few common problems among small groups that go beyond taking attendance and managing a group roster.
Does Tether replace my Church app?
No. Tether is limited in scope by nature because we want to focus our energy on features that support discipleship and spiritual growth. Tether is a powerful compliment to your existing technology which often is admin-focused.
Does Tether integrate with my existing app or website?
Yes! Tether can be embedded in your app or on your website. We've had a handful of ministries setup a custom domain ( Tether is built for maximum flexibility both for you and your people.
Does Tether sync with my database?
Yes! We are wrapping up work on integrations with major Church database platforms to allow for one-click sync and invitations to Tether.
How much does Tether cost?
We have two tiers of Tether. Tether Basic is free and gives you access to the basic features. Tether Pro is priced based on organization-size and requires an annual membership. You can use our pricing calculator here to calculate the cost to your ministry.
How long does it take to onboard my groups?
We have made the onboarding process as seamless as possible for you. Typically it takes one week to setup your custom content, train your staff, and invite your groups.
Do you offer training?
Yes! Our team is standing by to help you troubleshoot or offer guidance anytime you need it, day or night.