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When will Tether Lead be available?
We’ll begin admitting new organizations in waves starting in December, 2022. You’ll receive an email with onboarding instructions when you have been granted an organizational account.
When will my Tether Lead free trial begin?
Your free trial will start the day you create your organization on Tether’s platforms. We’ll send regular updates reminding you of how much time you have before your free trial expires.
Is a credit card required to lock-in Tether’s current deal?
No credit card is required! You sign up by providing your information on the form. Your free trial will begin the day you create your organization. A credit card will be required before your free trial expires to avoid having your account locked.
Could I have someone tell me more about Tether before I sign up?
Of course! Feel free to grab a time on our calendar here. We look forward to sharing what Tether can do for your organization.