How It Works

Implementing new software can be overwhelming. With Tether, getting started is a lot less complicated and intimidating.

Setup in 3 simple steps

Step One

Create Account

Create an account and setup your ministry. Gain access to our dashboard and have Tether start immediately working for you.
Step Two

Test Features

Invite your staff and key leaders to Tether in minutes. Explore the powerful features Tether has to offer your ministry.
Step Three

Rollout to Groups

It's simple to invite all your people to Tether at once. Tether handles the heavy-lifting and places your people in the right groups.

Know your impact

Tether delivers short, micro-assessments and collects actionable metrics so you can better know, care, and support your people.

Target different audiences (Send to leaders, members, or everyone).

Select your frequency (Daily, weekly, monthly etc.)

Fully customizable including post-survey action items after completion

Access to Tether's library of survey templates to save time

Form lasting habits

Tether translates your content into repeatable, step-by-step practices. Help your people move from consumption to action.

Build custom practices with videos, audio, links, rich text and more.

View insights and metrics on what your people are practicing and sharing

Practices can be shared, allowing for discussion and group interaction

Organize your practices into collections (Sermon series, Core habits, etc.)

Deliver timely content

Tether delivers your content automatically in bite-sized, interactive steps to keep your people engaged and on track.

Deliver content to different audiences (Only for leaders, members, or everyone).

Let groups go at their own pace or auto-subscribe your groups to content

Automatic reminders and nudges built-in via SMS, Email or Push Notification.

Content is interactive; users can share their responses with others

Tools for leaders

Tether provides powerful features to serve your leaders. Streamline your communication, resources and care.

An intelligent attendance tool that learns and automates reminders.

Compile and organize all your leader resources and training materials in one place.

Write once, share everywhere. Send updates via SMS, Email or Push.

Triage your leader care. Know which leaders you need to reach out to.

Powerful messaging

Tether includes communication features specifically built to keep a modern Christian group connected throughout the week.

Let your users share prayer requests and set reminders to follow up.

Access to Tether's library of pre-populated questions to help group's go deeper.

React, comment and post. Engage without the app over SMS and Email.

Write once share across multiple groups. Share easily to different audiences.